Cloth labels


Cloth label is an essential tool that makes sure clothes sold to meet the required standards in that specific country. Most labels are made out of materials which are flexible and durable such as satin coated acetate. Which labels which are printed cloth labels are made of the same material that makes the cloth itself and includes nylon, cotton, and polyester.

Satin and damask make cloth labels at which are woven into the clothing. Most of the woven labels are shaped like rectangles mostly and their size 1 to 2 inches. There are a variety of sizes and shapes of cloth labels and the type of a cloth label used depends on the size of the final product. Cloth label should be seen on the clothes without difficulties to anybody who will be involved in maintenance and caring of the fabric. The cloth label should be viewed easily from where the cloth is placed for terms where the label is not seen from outside due to packaging; directions should be given to the product for the customer to know the kind of care and maintenance is required. Cloth label should be durable and not fade with another part of the cloth since it can fade while the cloth is still usable and can bring problems in its care.

Cloth labels give instructions on maintenance and information of which part of the world the fabric was imported. The instructions given should be applicable in the entire clothe not to some of its parts. The maintenance instructions include the temperature of the water that is supposed to be used in washing process either warm or cold. The also gives instructions whether to wash by washing machine or not because some fabrics are more destroyed by washing machines.

There are two types of cloth labels which are printed clothing label and woven clothing label. Raw materials used in printed cloth labels are very cheap which puts the cost of production of the entire product low. These materials include nylon, polyester and cotton twill. Printed cloth labels are made using specific permanent ink which is very durable. Printing labels are made for bulk products in different colors and styles. On the other hand, materials used in woven labels are costly compared to the ones which are used in printed cloth labels. Despite their cost, they serve for long and are available in different colors, styles, and sizes. Woven cloth labels are also made in bulk amount. For further details regarding cloth labels, go to

To the manufacturers, cloth labels are important because they speak about the manufacturer. They should be made as durable as possible since they market the producer in the entire life of the cloth.

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